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Late in 2014, the Friends developed a Taputeranga Coast Watch group to assist DOC in compliance work. The concept stemmed from a need to mobilise the community better to report incidents at the reserve that are considered to be poaching, call the DOC HOTline and use DOC reporting forms as a guide as to the sort of information that would be useful in the event that prosecutions are considered. The main elements of the Coast Watch are Watchers – people motivated to be especially vigilant and

active in reporting incidents of alleged poaching, Boundary Walkers – people prepared to don Coast Watch shirts and logos and walk the coastal edge, engaging with marine reserve users and encouraging good practices in care for shoreline and rock pool life forms, and act as a ‘walking billboard’ reminder of the reserves nature and extent. Finally, a Callout Crew – a few people who, when called upon by DOC, may attend reported incidents and take more specific information relevant to prosecutions.

As one of our coastal neighbours, or a member of the dive community, why not join the Taputeranga Coast Watch Team?

    • Poaching is continuing! DOC has limited resources and we need information to help protect our reserve.

    • It is Wellington’s marine reserve; the community that fought for it has a stake in its future.

    • As South Coast residents, divers and snorkelers who love the area as much as we do, you folk are best placed to keep an eye out for illegal taking and to report it.

      Please help!

Coastwatcher in cap and jacket

Coastwatcher in cap and jacket

How? Observing, while walking the coast, diving, or from home. Educating and deterring, – displaying bumper and letter box stickers, talking to visitors. Gently advising people what to do and not to do in enjoying the marine reserve.Reporting suspicious activity directly to the DOC Hot line 0800 362 468, but also report activity to;


For more information about the Friends’ activities in working with DOC on poaching and compliance, go to our Poaching page



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