Hormosira banksii MF (2)  Velvet Weed Codium  Ecklonia kelp

Neptune’s necklace –  Francis                 Velvet weed – SF                                   Stalked kelp – SF

Providing habitat, food and shelter, almost half of New Zealand’s 850 seaweed species can be found on Wellington’s south coast


Bull Kelp  Gummy weed 2

Bull kelp  – MH                                              Gummy weed – Te Ara

Bladder Kelp 2  Ulva lactuca

              Bladder kelp – SF                                      Sea lettuce – MH

Xiphophora Zig zag weed

           Xiphophora- MH                                     Zig zag weed – MH

Flapjack –  Francis


Red seaweed – Francis

Sea grapes and sea rimu

Seaweed garden – Francis

Strapweed – Francis

Coralline algae – Francis

Karengo 2  Undaria

Karengo                                       Undaria – MAF

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