Taputeranga Island

from Wellington City Libraries website with other sources

A number of pa and settlement sites, pits, terraces, middens and ovens were to be found at Taputeranga Island and the Island Bay headlands and coastline with several midden/oven sites almost two kilometres back from the shoreline. “It appears to have been a favoured place,” wrote Best, who cited stone implements, middens and human bones being noted during early European contact.

One of these, Motu kau, was described by Best as a kainga, “at or near Island Bay at the time of the Muaupoko raid of Whanganui a Tara when Te Akanui was paramount chief of Ngai Tara.”

About 1827 Tapu Te Ranga was besieged by Ngäti Mutunga. When it was obvious that the pa would be taken, the remaining Ngäti Ira put Tamairangi and her family into a waka which was paddled to Owhariu where Ngäti Mutunga/Tama were stationed. Te Rangihaeata placed them under his protection and they were settled on Mana Island. Kekerengu may have joined his mother there from Porirua – certainly he was a frequent visitor until, with 108 followers, he was forced to flee to the South Island where they were slaughtered by Ngai Tahu.

On the island itself burnt oven stones, a shell midden and a rua or store pit were reported in earlier times. Compared with the Miramar Peninsula, little seems to be known of the earlier history of this place.