The role of Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve
To undertake activities to protect, maintain and enhance Taputeranga Marine Reserve and to ensure that it benefits the community and future generations. This means profiling events at the reserve, encouraging people to enjoy the reserve and learn more about it, keeping the community updated on it’s progress and having a say on anything that affects the reserve.

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Projects we’re been  working on

  • Support for education projects based on the marine reserve, including Experiencing Marine Reserves
  • Marking of the shore boundary of the reserve with images of marine life – completed October 2015
  • Development of  community based incident reporting at the reserve – Taputeranga Coast Watch
  • A consistent and statistically valid approach to monitoring.
  • Continued addition to material on Marine Life on this site
  • Joint action with DOC on compliance, and on the adequacy of shoreline signage
  • Working with WCC over landscaping of Trail car park
  • Review of plans, policies and consents which may affect the marine reserve or marine conservation.
  • Maintaining and fostering the use of the Snorkel Trail.
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It’s been a very busy 12 months for the Friends. Highlights of the year 2015/16 have included:

  • Completing the Pavement Painting Project
  • Helping to fund the participation of secondary school students in a pilot marine monitoring programme
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  • Sourcing substantial funding for the Experiencing Marine Reserves programme for primary school students
  • Co-funding an Asian language brochure and radio advertising to help the Department of Conservation with its compliance efforts
  • Continuing with the Coast Watch group
  • Maintaining our dialogue with DOC on monitoring and compliance issues
  • Making significant submissions on the Kermedec Open Sanctuary Bill and the Marine Protected Area Bill

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Who we are:

Celia Wade Brown QSO (Patron)

Colin Ryder(Chair), Ann McCrone (Secretary),   Julian Hodge ,  Dave Drane, Nicci Wood, Mike Loughran, Anne Wietheger, Nicole Miller and Sarah Neighbours (Trustees).

Honorary Associates: Dr Malcolm Francis, Dr Sophie Mormede

Distinguished Life Member: Murray Hosking QSO