Taputeranga Marine Reserve – Images of the Sea

Our website shows how the Taputeranga Marine Reserve is special and of benefit to the people of Wellington. The Friends were set up to foster understanding and appreciation of the Reserve, assist DOC to monitor and manage, and develop opportunities such as the Island Bay Snorkel Trail.

The Reserve is yours to protect and enjoy.



Congratulations to Samara Nicholas, Ocean Champion for Seaweek, 2018

Samara is the founder of ‘Experiencing Marine Reserves’, a programme for showing primary school children the value of marine reserves. Her pilot programme in Northland has bee replicated elsewhere in New Zealand, including at Taputeranga. School classes learn snorkeling and are able to appreciate the differences between unprotected and protected marine environments. Well done Samara and all of the ‘Mountains to the Sea’ EMS workers!



Anthopleura rosea Jen Howe

Anthopleura rosea Jen Howe

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