Taputeranga Marine Reserve – Images of the Sea

Our website shows how the Taputeranga Marine Reserve is special and of benefit to the people of Wellington. The Friends were set up to foster understanding and appreciation of the Reserve, assist DOC to monitor and manage, and develop opportunities such as the Island Bay Snorkel Trail.

The Reserve is yours to protect and enjoy.


Comment: How come Niue can set aside 46 percent of its EEZ for marine protection and we remain at 1 percent?? We cannot seem even to clinch the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary!!


South Coast Clean Up – 16 September. Go to our Facebook page.

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Reflections M. Loughran

Reflections            photo  M. Loughran

Highly commended in ‘Dive New Zealand’ magazine, in the Shades of Colour section.

PHOTO OF THE MONTH:August – September 2017