From foam to phone, we’re bringing the marine reserve to you!

You can now scan your way into Wellington’s Taputeranga Marine Reserve and explore its vibrant underwater world on your smartphone.

The Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve have launched a self-guided video tour of the reserve by dotting QR codes along Wellington’s South Coast. Anyone with a phone can watch short videos of the reserve’s rocky reefs and shipwrecks, dive into the aquatic wonderland of Mermaid’s Kitchen and experience an eerie dive at Princess Bay by night.

How it works:

  1. Open the camera app on your phone
  2. Scan the QR codes
  3. Watch the underwater videos (there is no need to sign up!)

You can also watch our short how to scan the QR code video here.

Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve Trust Chair, Nicole Miller, says: “The video tour brings the wonders of the marine reserve onshore, for people who can’t go in the water or who prefer to stay on dry land.”

“Scanning the QR codes takes you right underwater. As divers, we often get asked: ‘What can you see?’ or ‘What does the reserve look like underwater?’ Now, everyone can walk along the coast and explore the different dive sites and their marine inhabitants!“

“Every dive is different – you can explore colourful reefs, lose yourself in the dense seaweed forests, and find yourself surrounded by schools of fish or eye-to-eye with an octopus. And if you are up for it, you can even take a look inside the F69 shipwreck.”

If you like making a difference – help support our scholarships and community education and outreach events in Taputeranga Marine Reserve by considering a donation to the Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve Trust.

Photos by Nicole Miller